Sunday, November 8, 2009


First of all let me apologize for not posting. I've been super busy with shoots and my husband moved recording studios....soooo needless to say I've not had a whole lot of down time.
I've done several shoots the past few months {it takes fooorrreverrr to get the final photos from the photographers} one of those being for a band called Seabird. They are a group of talented guys from Cincinnati who came down for this crazy shoot. It was a lot of fun, Caleb Kuhl took the insane photo's. I also got to work with Sonnie Shay as my assistant, for the first time, and she was soooooo amazing!!! Thank you Sonnie, you make my life so much easier and the shoots so much more fun!
Enough of my is a little sneak peak of the Seabird shoot. I promise there will be more to follow soon.